We fix people problems.

We Solve People Problems at TruPotential Group
We Solve People Problems at TruPotential Group

We fix people problems.

Is your team struggling to work well together?

Miscommunication, passive aggressive behavior, poor leadership, and unresolved conflict are costly for organizations. Nine in ten business leaders say poor communication impacts:

  • Productivity
  • Morale
  • Growth, contributing to increased costs
  • Missed or extended deadlines
  • Reputational erosion

One in five leaders loses business or deals due to poor communication.*

Are you looking for effective ways to inspire, motivate and drive your team towards important goals and urgent deadlines?

*Resource: Harris Poll

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We help you win at the people game.

We show you how to lead well and inspire your team to reach their full potential.

We show you how to:

  • inspire and communicate clearly
  • foster connection and clear communication within team
  • understand the motivations and emotional obstacles of others

Who We Work With

We work with leaders and owners who are looking for solutions that are effective, efficient, and sustainable that impact the conversations and culture and ultimately the growth and impact of the company.

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Who We Work With

We work with leaders and owners who are looking for solutions that are effective, efficient, and sustainable that impact the conversations and culture and ultimately the growth and impact of the company.

Our Key Differentiators


No two organizations are the same. Neither are our solutions. We prioritize your needs and goals.


We believe in long-term results not quick fixes.


We are easy! We can work in person or online and can coordinate and adapt according to your schedule.


Our training is based on years of professional research.

Lead a Great Team.

Your Path to Success

Schedule a Call

The first step is always the same. We need to really know and understand your company. We listen carefully and respect your time.

Customize a Plan

Using our extensive professional expertise, we will cultivate a plan that works best for your goals.

Ignite Potential

Through 1:1 coaching, workshops, or small or large group sessions, we will help educate your leaders and their teams to reach their full potential.

How Can We Help Your Team?

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Reviews From Our Clients

Engaging Virtual Sessions

“Working with TruPotential Group makes your job easier! We worked with Erin and her team to develop a series of virtual workshops to support people managers prepare and deliver yearly reviews. She took the time to ask questions, gain clarity to ensure true understanding of our needs. She developed useful tools to support the thought process and execution of calibration, writing and delivering manager assessments. Our leaders of all levels were engaged during the virtual sessions and were able to put into practice what they learned.”

– Marche BB

Exemplary Leader & Guide

“Erin is an exemplary leader, teacher and guide. She showed me how to achieve things I never thought possible. She helped me to understand my true potential and taught me how to develop new skills…I can unequivocally give Erin my highest recommendation.”

Dr. Jay Mattheis

Exceptional Training

“Erin and her team have consistently delivered exceptional training and development services that are impactful and useful.”

– Julie

Highly Recommend!!!

“I’ve been through many corporate trainings over the years and very few, if any, provided the clarity, engagement and enjoyment TruPotential Group was able to provide to our team. Highly recommend!!!”

– David R.

Motivational & Purposeful

“Erin is motivational without being patronizing. She is purposeful without being overbearing. She is timely in acknowledging credit where it is due. Her collaborative approach in her leadership inspires and motivates those under her to strive to reach their optimum potential.”

– Lavio Peter T. Benitez

A Long-Term Investment

“I highly recommend Erin Robison’s workshop to anyone looking to enhance their communication skills, whether for personal or professional growth. It’s a long-term investment in yourself, and I can’t thank the company enough for this opportunity. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned in my personal and professional life.”

– LeAnn Little


“Outstanding training! Greatly improved my public speaking!”

– Jason Brecht

Impactful Education

“Erin and her team impart impactful education while keeping it fun and lighthearted. Anyone who is able to participate in one of her training sessions should consider themselves lucky!”

– Chase

Significant Impact

“Our sales team attended training seminars from Erin and TruPotential Group in preparation for national congresses. The workshops positively influenced how our team ‘showed up,’ significantly impacting customer interactions. The sales team’s confidence increased, and they learned how to execute the company’s objectives. Erin and her team ensured our sales group was more prepared than ever before. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

– Monica Visscher

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