Presentation and Facilitation Skills

presentation skills training

Deliver awe-inspiring
(not yawn-inducing) presentations.

Keep your audience’s attention as you deliver your message confidently and clearly.

TruPotential’s programs are all about doing — practicing, accepting feedback, adjusting, and perfecting your skills in a supportive and collaborative environment.

You will see immediate presentation skill improvement! With subject matter drawn from your own work environment, all the skills are 100% relevant to you and your business.


C-Suite Executives


Mid-Level Managers


Project Leaders

Presentation and Facilitation Skills

Effective Outcomes

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Capture Attention

Capture your audience from the moment you stand in front of the room. No more wandering eyes, scrolling social media feeds, or nodding off to sleep while you speak. Learn to communicate with clarity and poise.

Presentation Skills

Maintain Attention

Maintain audience attention using virtual and in-person engagement techniques. Learn to effectively communicate insights from a dataset using narratives and visualizations. Handle audience questions with skill.

Presentation Skills

Close Powerfully

Move your audience to action with a powerful close and clear call to action.

Presentation and Facilitation Skills

Program Options

Full Day

Multiple Days


Small Group


In Person

According to SOAP presentations, the elements that contribute most to effective presentations include voice (38%) and non-verbal communication (55%).

The actual content of your presentation only makes up about 7%.

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