Why We Work With High Performers

high performers

We only have so much time on this earth, and I always think about how to make the highest impact within the shortest amount of time. Erin and I, from our hearts and natural drive, constantly look to help others reach their potential.

Our styles are different. Erin nurtures, listens, cares for and encourages clients and friends to take life by the horns. I like to take in information, understand your goals, clarify any gaps and help with resources, connections and strategies to win.

While we have worked with many different people over the years both in life and business, in TruPotential Group, we decided to focus on helping high performers. We want to give our very best in each relationship we develop. We thoughtfully discussed and clarified our mission by examining what makes us happy, what really creates impact and what is a win for our clients and for us.

Characteristics of High Performers

High performers tend to have certain qualities and strong character. They see value and desire to grow. These are clients who become not only great customers, but also employees, vendors and friends. Here are some other qualities we notice and resonate with:


Life is hard enough managing our own workload. If we have to direct, clarify and carry someone else’s load, this only slows us down and makes us less effective. We like high performers because they clarify what needs to be done, take action and are autonomous. They lead their own lives and are looking around to make impact. That makes doing business fun and multiplies the value we bring in our coaching and training.


Being self aware and keeping your word are important to us. High performers value trust. We can lean in and take risks together. Integrity makes partnering natural and easy. Again, integrity is another multiplier effect because we don’t have to hedge.


High performers don’t clock in and out. They are mission-oriented and align their lives and work to get results and make an impact. We are speaking the same language. We don’t have to coach on why it is important to care for every step of the customer experience or why systems matter for teamwork and morale. If you care, you pay attention to the details because they matter to the well-being, productivity and clarity of your team. You make life a bit easier for everyone. You are excellent.


High performers have vision and see above the noise. What’s the point of all the best practices, team building, development and leadership if there is not a vision for the why? As high performers, we think about the future and new realities all the time. We don’t simply go through the motions. There’s a point to it all. We want to interact and collaborate with people who innately think about the future and want to bring in a new reality. We want to help those that are clear and passionate.

Everyone is not a high performer. Actually, there are very few. We have to give our best to the best because we want to feel great when we bring all we have to a project or relationship.

While the good may tempt us from the best, our goal to work with high performers is an extremely helpful lens to qualify the clients we engage with, the team members we hire and the vendors we partner with.

Are you a high performer?

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