Understanding Leadership Failures: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Understanding Leadership Failures

Leadership failures can hinder your team’s progress and impact overall performance.

Check out the list of the most common leadership pitfalls that managers, owners, and directors face.

Leadership Failures Self-Assessment

For each of the items below, give yourself one point for every area that you are struggling with.

It’s ok to be honest. That’s the best starting place to grow.

Lack of Self-Awareness​

Do you know your own strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots? Do you struggle to leverage your strengths and seek support where needed, enabling you to lead with authenticity and confidence?

Poor Communication​

Do you communicate clearly and effectively? Do you struggle to articulate our expectations and actively listen to your team members’ thoughts, ideas, and concerns?

Insufficient Empathy​

Do you show empathy within your team? Do you struggle to understand and appreciate the perspectives and needs of your team members or to create an inclusive and supportive environment?

Inability to Adapt​

Do you embrace new ideas, technologies, and approaches, encouraging innovation and growth within your team? When the facts change, is it easy for you to change leadership directions?


Do you micromanage your team members or have trouble trusting them to make decisions and take ownership of their work? Is it challenging to foster an environment of autonomy and collaboration?

Lack of Vision​

Do you have a compelling vision for your team? Do you communicate it regularly through multiple platforms creating a sense of purpose and motivation?

Failure to Delegate​

Do you delegate effectively? Do you encourage your team members to develop their skills, take on new challenges, assume ownership and grow?

Total Score:

1-2: Great leadership. Keep growing and leading well.
3-5: Some room for improvement as a leader. Consider one-on-one coaching or leadership development training.
6-7: Step back and consider if this leadership role is really where you want to be right now.

If you score over 3, consider scheduling a call with me so we can discuss ways you can grow in these areas. I’d love to learn more about where you are at.

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