Sales Account Manager

As a Sales Account Manager you will help drive new relationships with corporate managers and executives in pharmaceuticals, aerospace and biotech. You will represent TruPotential Group’s brand and professionalism per our About page here.


  • Initiate and develop relationships with corporate managers and executives to sell our products and services.
  • Develop conversations on LinkedIn, Facebook Groups and other platforms that our prospective clients use.
  • Understand where our resources for sharing value are and provide those as nurturing value.
  • Manage pipeline of opportunities with amounts, value, client and close dates. Be accountable to sales team with pipeline management.
  • Work with team in sales process to create proposals, SOW and revenue per your pipeline deals.
  • Manage ongoing corporate relationships via a value ladder model to sell high value, low risk products and services. Upsell to higher value items as trust grows.


You are an eager relationship builder who understands corporate processes. You enjoy maintaining long-term relationships with corporate managers and executives.

You are a continuous improvement professional who is growing in your personal value and sharing your knowledge with prospective clients as well as ongoing clients.

You know how to nurture long-term relationships and seek to add new value.

You collaborate and never have to be asked to follow up with your prospects, clients or team members. You like to use tools for texting, emailing, project management and content posting.

You are a matchmaker. You know how to listen to someone’s challenges and offer a standardized product or service we provide. If we don’t have the tool, you work creatively with our team to customize a proposal and solution that will help our clients.

You are generous, fun and kind.

If You Are Interested

Please send an email to us at to let us know of your interest as a Sales Account Manager. Tell us about your history in sales, how you manage relationships and what your current network of opportunities is like. This is a full commission opportunity with large upside with our services ranging from $5K to $200K per deal. Be sure you enjoy pay for performance with a true sales confidence around risk and reward.

303 525 1637

Denver, CO