Management Coach

As a Management Coach you help deliver our services for building teams and providing one on one leadership and management coaching to our clients.


  • Master and learn our TruPotential Group services
  • Lead teams through the process of conflict management
  • Help executives and managers with moving to their goals for effective meetings and team building
  • Know and coach on presentation skills and body language
  • Document all coaching and meetings in our Basecamp project management system
  • Manage project setup, checklists and resources
  • Work with account managers to provide increasing value of products and services within accounts


You enjoy helping people understand who they are and how to apply their innate personality to their roles and goals.

You are honest, but diplomatic in providing feedback to clients around their goals and deficiencies.

You are a proactive communicator with clients and our team to keep everyone who needs to know progress informed of where we are at and where we are going.

You are a continuous learner and interested in organizational behavior, leadership principles and increasing human potential.

You are organized and able to move many projects and people through a systematic process.

You are goal oriented to help a team understand what their desired outcome is and ensuring we help deliver on agreed upon services.

You have boundaries and know to present new opportunities and services that are outside the scope of work agreed upon.

You are accountable to our TruPotential management team to be on time and on budget in our service deliverables.

If You Are Interested

Please send an email to us at to let us know of your interest as a Management Coach. Tell us why you are interested, who you are, how you believe you will contribute and what the compensation you are seeking is. Thank you.

303 525 1637

Denver, CO