Finance Manager

As a Finance Manager, you help keep cash flow moving healthy and raise any issues for management to address in the course of our business management and growth.


  • Accurately create invoices on time with corporate clients
  • Manage accounts receivables with follow up for timely payments
  • Raise any cash flow issues for management to address
  • Manage accounts payable for timely payment to vendors
  • Work with our accountant for managing bookkeeping and taxes
  • Collaborate with team towards any cash flow management


You are a trustworthy person who can easily navigate financial and project systems. You work in a customer-service, friendly manner with our clients to understand how and who to collect from. Your communications are warm, professional and focused on getting an outcome.

You enjoy accuracy and get ahead of any upcoming issues by raising them up with our team. You are thorough and not only focus on getting things done, but pre-empting any issues to improve our financial systems.

You collaborate naturally and are able to articulate any underlying issues with foresight.

If You Are Interested

Feel free to share how you have worked to improve financial processes and what kinds of issues you avoided by sending us an email at

303 525 1637

Denver, CO