Executive Administrator

As an Executive Administrator, you will help support our executive team to manage information for sales, customer service and administrative details.


  • Intake information from email, text and Basecamp, our project management system
  • Input information into our CRM, Google Workspace and Basecamp systems to keep execution moving forward and clarity front and center
  • Keep our standard operating procedures (SOP’s) updated in a Google Doc
  • Be responsive to the CEO and COO for workflow and office management administrative tasks


You take initiative to support and help keep business operations and execution flow with direction from executives you support.

You enjoy working in a team and support our consulting clients.

You are administrative, create order out of chaos and manage technology and systems easily.

We use Basecamp, Google Workspace, Pipedrive and QuickBooks to run our business.

This is a role that will grow over time and we are looking for administrative support to get in sync with our CEO and COO as part of a ramp up period. Over time, you will be able to know how to intake tasks and manage the output in respective business systems.

Your ability to review documents, stay on top of details and help us sell and service customers as administrative support will be critical in this role.

If You Are Interested

Please send an email to us at info@trupotentialgroup.com to let us know of your interest as an Executive Administrator. Tell us about your organizational style, how you support executives and how you affect teams and results operationally.

303 525 1637


Denver, CO